Unique in Quebec, Ecole-O-Champ is the only non-profit organisation that offers science based agricultural education in both languages and whose curriculum is directly related to agricultural and enviromental sciences.

Our special character has helped us develop numerous partnerships with government ministries, universities, schools, educational organisation unions, young farmer programs, farms, and agricultural societies.

our history

École-O-Champ (EOC), inspired by the American Farm-to-School movement, was founded in January 2013 as a student project on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University (Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences). The mission of EOC, at that moment, was to develop educational activities about the agricultural environment for children in elementary schools. From 2013 to 2015, EOC educated close to 1000 children with day camps at the Macdonald Campus, which has an educational farm, and through workshops in classrooms in Montérégie and Montreal elementary schools. EOC also participated at agricultural fairs as animators specialized in agricultural education. Over the years, EOC has developed an important network with local producers and teachers as well as university students.

In 2016, to order to increase the scope of the organization’s mission, EOC officially became a non-profit organization.

our mission

Ecole-O-Champ, Quebec is committed to the education and promotion of agricultural, food and environmental sciences in schools, farms and municipalities across Quebec. The organization has developed an expertise in popularizing scientific concepts to make them accessible to a youthful audience.

Ecole-O-Champ provides various educational programs that aim to make young people aware of their power to act on their food system and the environment!

our values

Social, environmental, educational

Passion : This is our driving force, and what bonds our dynamic team of young agriculturalists, environmentalists and educators.

Rigor : Our continuous cycle of innovation and improvement ensures we are delivering quality services, relevant to our partners.

Site-based education : A focused approach to providing initiatives adapted to your community.

Sustainability: Our approach values human development, the respect of one’s environment and the longevity of the initiative.

Fun, scientific and bilingual: Our trainers use various playful techniques, which combine creativity with knowledge.

our vision

Ecole-O-Champ is committed to educating young people and families through training programs, activities, camps and conferences on bio-food and environmental themes, in order to respond to the development plan for the agricultural areas of ​​Quebec's regional county municipalities (RCM).

our objectives

  • Promote and educate youth and the general public about local agriculture and farming practices;
  • Improve the knowledge, skills and competencies of young people in the field of environmental and agrifood sciences, while achieving the objectives targeted by the science curriculum of the MESS (Ministry of Education and Higher Education);
  • Increase the presence and level of education in agro-food and environmental sciences in schools in Quebec;
  • Encourage collaborations among the various organizations involved in agricultural education (agricultural training schools, agricultural and environmental university faculties, Quebec farms, environmental, agricultural and/or food organizations in Quebec) and facilitate access to Quebec schools, municipalities, and other community organizations;
  • Have impacts on youth by:
  • Improving agri-food and environmental knowledge
  • Valuing healthy lifestyle habits;
  • Developing a spirit of adventure;
  • Developing a conscientious individual ;
  • Developing the ability of critical thinking in youth;
  • Contribute to interventions that respond to the development plans for the agricultural areas of ​​regional county municipalities (RCM) in Quebec;

The team