Integrate agriculture into the socio-cultural aspects of a municipality to promote its food system

Each municipality has a unique territory and food system, behind which are hidden passionate farmers who work hard to feed their population. École-O-Champ offers citizens a foray into the agricultural world, in order to reconnect with their food and embrace the agricultural landscape. The various educational programs offered can be integrated into municipal services, through partnerships with libraries, day camps, youth centres, youth employment centres and local organizations.

  • If you are an agricultural municipality where major fairs or events are organized, our team can hold an educational/entertainment kiosk on request.
  • The agro-environmental training program, the educational visits and the Farmers' Squad in town offer municipal day camps  an opportunity to integrate an agricultural component into their summer programming.
  • Agricultural Literacy Month can be celebrated in public libraries through storytelling and seed exchanges.
  • Our à la carte training and continuing education programs allow mobilized citizens, a municipality, or an organization to bring together a group of interested individuals and offer horticultural workshops in your community.
  • The JEBA program offers young people attending Carrefours jeunesse emploi, youth centers and secondary schools an internship to discover the agricultural world.

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