École-O-Champ would not be here without these incredible people!

Board members

Mathieu Rouleau

Co-founder and president of the EOC administrative council

Born and raised on a farm, works in agricultural finance, is passionate about youth initiatives, enjoys traveling and loves trying new foods. Mathieu has been account manager, agricultural market sector, at Desjardins since 2017. He was president of the 4H Québec movement from 2011 to 2013. He received the Macdonald campus of McGill Gold Key award for leadership and excellence in the promotion and development of extra­-curricular activities at Macdonald, to the benefit of the Macdonald community as a whole and ability to work with peers. His community involvement led him to be awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal and he continues to give back when he can. His leadership allows the organization to outdo itself year after year.

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Caroline Begg

Co-founder and vice-president

She has worked in agriculture in Tanzania, the Philippines and the Laurentians. She loves teaching agriculture at McGill University and is happiest when she is in the garden. Caroline received the Award of Excellence, Honorable Mention from the Canadian Network for Environmental Education and Communication in 2019, the Principal's Prize for Excellence in Teaching and the Macdonald Campus Award for Teaching Excellence in 2016, the McGill Faculty Award for Excellence in Alumni Activities in 2013, as well as the McGill Office of Sustainability Award for Staff Contribution to Sustainability in 2012. She is involved as president of the Marché Ste Anne Board and is an administrator on the board of Corbeille de Pain, a food security organization.

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Simon Brault


A true jack-of-all-trades, from mixing soil to photo editing, from an idea to an epic, design is the engine of its achievements! Simon has held the position of assistant director of agricultural accounts at Desjardins since spring 2019. He has also been treasurer of the administrative council of Center Paysan since 2016 and the Second vice-président of the Youth association of Montérégie Ouest (ARAMO). He is also the administrator for the Agricultural Youth Federation of Quebec.

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Isabelle Hardy


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Hélène Bourduas


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Carrolyn O'Grady


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The team

Judith Lacharité

Agricultural trainer

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Dominique Bilodeau

Executive assistant

Dominique is in charge of administration, communication and the secretariat of Farm-to-school and provides support for the general management and coordination of educational programs. Our superwomen, our sun, our magician; she is the mother of 4 beautiful children. Dominique holds a bachelor's degree in tourism management from UQÀM and has accumulated years of experience in SME management. An Okoise citizen since 2006, she has been involved for several years in several committees and projects intended for families in the region such as the Regroupement Tandem and Récréoka. To this day, she sits on the municipal family policy committee and the board of directors of the Maison des Jeunes d'Oka. Dominique has been involved in the community for a long time and helps propel the organization into the community.

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Valérie Toupin-Dubé, Agr.

Co-founder and Executive Director

Dynamo, Mother Nature and her favourite vegetable? The tomato! A passionate Agronomist who loves to share her love for the agrifood heritage with young people.Valérie was the recipient of several awards and recognition including the Brown-Martlet Entrepreneurial Catalyst Award for the best student research on sustainable development at McGill (2014), the Gold Key Award for leadership and student engagement for the development of dynamic projects on the Macdonald Campus of McGill University (2014), the Community Spirit Award from the McGill University Student Association (2014), the Gretta Chambers Student Leadership Award in 2015 for student leadership at McGill, the 8th Laure Waridel award from Équiterre in 2015, the Canada Volunteer Award - Emerging Leader category in 2017, and the 2019 Distinguished Young Alumni Award from McGill University. Her legendary leadership propels the organization to make a real impact on the community. 

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Sarah Martel

Communications Manager

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Mathieu Beaucage

Training Programs Coordinator

Mathieu completed his horticultural production technique in 2021 and is now studying for a bachelor's degree in agronomy at Laval University. He is in charge of the coordination of the training programs of ÉOC in addition to the seasonal planning of the production and education gardens. He wishes to promote agriculture and to educate people of all ages about healthy eating and the environment. An eternal optimist and a true jack-of-all-trades, he is always looking for new challenges.

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Julie Huberdeau

Educational Programs Coordinator

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Philippe Aubin-Steben

Horticultural Technician

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Colin Gilbert

Educational Content Manager

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Maude Camirand

Fund Development Manager

Maude is a project manager for the organization and takes care of different tasks on projects in addition to doing animations at various events for the 3rd year. For the first season, she took care of the flower production. She completed a baccalaureate in geography at the University of Montreal and now works as a florist. Her incomparable creativity brings color to Farm-to-school.

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Seasonal specialist Animators for any program

Front-line workers, seasonal employees of EOC have the mandate to visit the various partners (municipal day camps, fairs and agricultural events), in order to give specialized activities in agricultural education. They also provide agro-environmental training through the Farmers' Town Squad and Vegetable Squad programs and offer agro-tourism services at Oka Abbey. These field representatives are the pride of the organization!

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High contribution volunteers

  • Rebeca Esquivel
  • Joelle Lefevbre Ouelette
  • Ociane Canadas
  • Ingrid Laplante
  • Roxanne Jasmin Larocque
  • Denise Proulx
  • François Gervais
  • Annick Toupin
  • Érika Bilodeau
  • Valérie Champagne
  • Philippe Aubin-Steben
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A big thank you also to the students who contributed to the writing of the content of the educational modules!

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