Our organization is still young and gladly accepts the offer of your help! If you have time to donate and want to get involved in this dynamic organization, don't hesitate to contact us! Each person can participate according to their skills, talents and availability! We are looking for help in the following activities:

  • The establishment and maintenance of educational vegetable gardens;
  • Vegetable harvesting and gleaning in the fields;
  • Food processing and packaging in our kitchen;

Hope to meet you!

École-O-Champ (EOC) is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion In all activities. EOC works to support the participation of under-represented groups through the practice of agricultural and environmental education.

EOC continues to be aware of systemic barriers and strives for resolution, supports recruitment considering equity, is open to diverse perspectives and provides a safe space to all.

Equity is a process that is the respectful treatment of all people. Equitable outcomes may require differential treatment to achieve a level playing field among all individuals and communities.

Diversity is the community of peoples and their various aspects; some examples include gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, culture, ability, and socioeconomic status. Diversity is linked to access and equity and this requires the  knowledge and understanding of historical and contemporary experiences of oppression and exclusion.

Inclusion is a place where everyone feels welcome, is treated with respect, and is able to fully participate. Inclusion calls for recognizing, reducing, and removing barriers to participation created by social disadvantage or oppression.

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