Agro Environmental training

A training in animation

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Agro-environmental training is intended for organizers of municipal day camps and workers in youth centers or community centers. This training is designed for young adults aged 15 to 30 wishing to develop expertise in agro-environmental animation for their community.

Practical Tools

The majority of the training consists of mastering an educational kit containing specialized activities about agriculture. The kit contains eight modules addressing different themes related to agricultural production methods, the environment, and food and local marketing. The training also includes a visit to the educational farm as well as a food processing and preservation workshop. After that, the animators will be able to deploy the agro-environmental content in their community, with young people attending day camps, schools, youth centres and Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi in the Laurentian region!


$175/ trained person

Minimum of 5 participants 

$175 for the pedagogical kit*

* Please note that registration for training is compulsory in order to purchase the educational kit and vice versa.

Information and reservation

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