Continuing Education

Centre de formation agricole de Mirabel

In collaboration with the Centre de formation agricole de Mirabel (CFAM), École-O-Champ offers a training program, under continuing education, that follows the principles of organic production for small scale vegetable production.

Introduction to vegetable production

This 42 hour program is open to the public and covers the main principles and practices for a successful market garden including crop planning, seed production, field preparation, crop and pest management, and business management.

Workshop details

Places available : 20

Cost : $425 $ (taxes non included)

Educational methods: practical workshops alternating with presentations on organic productions will allow the participants to put into practice what they have learned.


Greenhouse and seeding

  • Presentation of seed producers and where to buy seeds, potting soil and containers
  • Planning of seeding in relation to production in the field
  • Techniques for seeding and maintenance of seeds
  • Fertilization techniques in the greenhouse

Introduction to soils

  • Texture, structure, composition and soil biology
  • Soil profiles
  • Potential of soils for agriculture and how to adapt cropping to soil potential
  • Green manure
  • How to take soil samples

Want to start a farm enterprise? Where to start?

  • Description of market garden enterprises
  • Financial resources available to start a business
  • Develop a business plan


  • Optimal conditions and how to be successful
  • Demystifying composting
  • Develop the best recipe
  • What materials can be composted
  • Chemical composition

Introduction to fertilization

  • Cation exchange capacity and chemical composition
  • Interpretation of a soil analysis and a manure analysis
  • Crop needs and optimal practices
  • Conventional and organic fertilization
  • How to use the fertilization guide

Field operations

  • Production calendar and how to plan the season
  • Plant spacing and organization of crops in the field
  • Crop rotation
  • Field Plans

Introduction to crop pests

  • Control of crop diseases and pests
  • Integrated Pest Management

Tools available

Seeds, germination and vermicompost

This day long workshop gives several techniques on urban agriculture, easy to use at home, such as the micro-leaf production, seed sprouts and vermicompost. This workshop is for the beginner audience who are new to urban agriculture. The workshop covers techniques such as the vegetable life cycle, production techniques, how to be successful and the material necessary for production.


Places available : 20

Cost: Information is available on the CFAM website

Educational methods: Practical workshops alternating with presentations on organic productions will allow the participants to put into practice what they have learned.


  • Plant life cycle
  • How to seed and what to use
  • Optimal conditions for germination
  • Seed suppliers
  • Materials required
  • Factors for success and crop health
  • Building and maintenance of a vermicomposter
  • Challenges and advantages of producing your own vegetables


To register, visit the CFAM website here.

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