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On one hand, several schools want to expose their students to the agricultural world through visits to local farms. On the other hand, several farmers would like to open their farm to school visits, but do not necessarily have well developed educational activites. École-O-Champ offers introductory training in agro-environmental activities for farmers wishing to acquire  the knowledge and skills in order to give a professional agro-tourism event to the public.

Training in Agro-environmental activities

This one-day training is organized in collaboration with the UPA in your region, as part of the Growing from School to Farm program. École-O-Champ takes care of the logistics and content of the training. A minmum of 5 participants by the regional PUU is required for the training. The training as well as the participatory workshops are adapted to the various productions of the participants, in order to actively involve the producer.


Registration fees for farmers may be subject to reimbursement, according to the terms proposed by your regional UPA.

Information and Registration

How to integrate pedagogy into agrotourism

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