Growing from school to farm

Classroom and farm workshop program for elementary students

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Agriculture is first of all a way of life, a matter of values ​​and passion. Communicating this passion to young people awakens their interest in the professions of agriculture and forestry.

The program, Growing from School to Farm, works in collaboration with:

* UPA Laurentides Pays d'en Haut

* The Laurentides School Commission

* The Laurentides Forest Commission

* The Laurentides Consultative Bio-food Commission

This program creates bridges between youth and agricultural producers through classroom workshops and site visits to local farms.

Workshops in the classroom :

* Based on the educational modules from Ecole-O-Champ

* Animations given in your areas by agricultural producers trained by our    specialists in agricultural education

* Duration: 45-60 minutes

* Activities focusing on themes of forestry and biology will be   developed and facilitated by the specialized team of the Laurentides Forest Commission.

Farm Visits :

The farm visits will expose the youth to a variety of agricultural and forestry enterprises such as forestry management, dairy production, market gardens, beekeeping, maple syrup and cash crop production. Ecole-O-Champ will be in charge of the organization and logistics of all the visits. Animation will be provided by the producers visited. The duration of the visits is about half a day.


Expenses for In-Classroom and Farm visits such as traveling, coordination and animations are eligible for a financial assistance with the Quebec Science culture program which EOC is recognized as a scientific resource by the Quebec Education Ministry. You will find EOC on this Supplementary list of organizations.

Information and registration

For Elementary Cycle 3 Students

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