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Training in horticultural animation

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Vegetable Squad!

The vegetable squad program is offered to teachers, workers specializing in environmental education, agricultural producers and camp counselors seeking to animate and educate children between 5 and 14 years old in vegetable production. This is also a general training about setting up an educational vegetable garden.

This training aims to equip future animators with the skills to master and animate the content of the specialized pedagogical kit from École- O- Champ. Educational, detailed and well illustrated, this kit is specially designed to transmit basic agricultural knowledge to children and at the same time exciting their interest!

Young and old will discover the universe of vegetables. This training offers educational games presented in a detailed and illustrated educational manner which will allow youth to discover the world of plants by exploring their growth cycle, needs and method of reproduction. Children will also discover different types of soil and the precious life that lives in it. They will learn about beneficial insects, pests and the importance of their role in our fragile ecosystem.

Give a rural flavour to your day camp with the Farmer's Squad!

Our animators specializing in agricultural education travel to day camps in the greater Montreal and lower Laurentians regions to give educational workshops. According to the needs of the individual camps, the animators can create schedules, so that each child benefits from one to two hours of agricultural animation. The activities are intended for an audience from 5 to 14 years old and the some of the educational methods use playful games to teach  agro-environmental sciences.

Our most popular activities are:

  • It's the cow! Milk and cows!
  • What came first, the chicken or the egg? Chickens and eggs
  • Vegetable crunch: the needs of a vegetable
  • The balanced plate: healthy eating
  • What else lives in your garden? insects and biodiversity
  • Recipe for a soil: the life in a soil


Information and reservation

For teachers, animators and youth workers

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