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For agricultural education in all Quebec schools

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Preschool and elementary education

All our programs 

Whether in class or on the farm see what we offer in your area!

High school education 

Spotlight on careers!

Activities, applications, resources and a game to learn all about careers in the food industry!

Educational Resources 

Resources from across Canada

With this platform of free educational resources, choose your province, the level and the interest of your learning plan. 

Our mission

The rural world and the urban world are nowadays more and more distant. It is in this context that École-O-Champ and its training programs, activities, camps and conferences equip the young citizens of tomorrow so that they can make informed food choices.  


Our experiential and innovative programs address the themes of agricultural production, local purchasing, sustainable development, agricultural trades, animal welfare, and more.

Our valued partners

Thank you to our main partners for their involvement and their precious help.

Ministère de l'économie et de l'innovation du Québec
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