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Would you like to become an Agri-ambassador?

Productrice de volaille

To become an agri-ambassador, interested farmers must follow the specific training for this title offered by École-O-Champ. The agri-ambassador training provides the necessary tools to master the educational module, guide a successful outing to the farm and acquire the basic notions of animation and scientific popularization necessary for running the program. Training is given by a trainer specialist from École-O-Champ and will be held entirely or partly virtually.

program coordinator:

Paysan, cueillette, légumes

Help us cultivate curiosity!

A summary of how the program works

Agriculteur et son Autruche
  • Farm activities are organized on welcoming farms, with the essential participation of Agri-ambassadors such as you. When booking these activities, our team will inform you of the dates available for the school and ensure your availability.

  • The sessions, lasting 3 hours, are held in the morning. They include a visit to the farm, guided by the host Agri-ambassador, and a School-O-Champ activity adjusted to the academic level of the groups present.

  • The École-O-Champ team discusses in collaboration with you the "journey" to undertake with the class, proposes the themes to be addressed, and adapts the language according to the level of the class.

  • We also follow up with you to confirm the schedule and technical progress of the day.

The benefits for you!

Un classe heureuse de sa visite à la ferme!
Visite à la ferme en hiver

Promotion of local agriculture: As an Agri-ambassador specializing in welcoming primary and preschool classes, the farmer strengthens the connection between young people and local agriculture by opening the doors to his farm.

Education of the youngest: Agri-ambassadors play a crucial role in educating primary and preschool children about agricultural practices and the importance of agriculture in everyday life.

Income diversification: 

By tailoring educational visits to younger children, farmers can diversify their income through school participation fees.


Strengthening community ties:

Becoming a specialized Agri-ambassador allows the farmer to forge close links with the local educational community, promoting exchanges and strengthening relationships.

Enhancement of the image of the farmer:

By sharing his know-how adapted to young minds, the Agri-ambassador helps to promote the image of the agricultural profession among children, teachers and parents.

Development of communication skills adapted to children:

Hosting primary and preschool classes develops the specific communication skills needed, beneficial in various contexts of interaction with young people.

Being an Agri-ambassador for primary and preschool classes therefore represents a unique opportunity to educate the next generation, promote local agriculture and contribute positively to the community.

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