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thinkAgri: Careers in Agri-food

market gardener illustration
An agronomist working with his notebook

We are delighted to present our resources dedicated to highlighting agricultural careers, specially designed for your students. Here is an overview of what we have to offer...

ThinkAG Career case game to discover careers in the agri-food industry

ThinkAG career case game

ThinkAG career case game, aims to showcase the diversity and importance of careers in the agriculture and agri-food sector. Through entertaining missions, students work in groups to identify careers that contribute to solving various challenges. In doing so, they realize how these careers can align with their skills and interests, extending well beyond simply planting cabbages.

Kareero app

Karrero app: 

Kareero is an interactive and unique tool for assessing interests. By participating in a virtual school garden development project, students identify their fields of interest based on their choices and actions. When used in conjunction with the Agriculture in the Classroom Canada's website, thinkAG, Kareero allows exploration of careers that align with their passions and aspirations.

Career Education Resource Library

Engaging educational resources

In collaboration with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada, we provide teachers in Quebec with a virtual library filled with over 400 free educational activities. These captivating resources, developed by Écoles-O-Champ and its provincial counterparts, highlight career opportunities in agri-food for high school students. Take a moment to explore our resources on career opportunities in the agricultural sector for your students!

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