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Complete the form below and have a chance to win an Agri-mission game or a day of educational activities on the diversity of agricultural careers for your secondary school students!


Wina day of Agri-Mission game activities with a specialized facilitator from École-O-Champ:

  • 60 minutes of animation per class

  • Minimum 3 participating classes per school

  • Discovery of the diversity of careers in the agri-food world

  • A lot of pleasure!



Winan Agri-Mission game, an educational game of discovery on the multitude of career possibilities in the agri-food industry:

  • Around ten scenarios to be solved as a team

  • direct link to the student's personal RIASEC profile

  • A complete PowerPoint

  • A teacher's guide


Competition rules:

  • Registration from February 5 to 16, 2024

  • The competition is aimed at teachers from secondary 2 to 5

  • One winner per school only** 

  • Winners will be contacted on February 19, 2024

* The Agri-mission game can be in French or English (winner's choice) and can be shared with other teachers in your school. Activities are available in French only for a minimum of 3 classes from the same school in one day. 

** Details of the number of prizes: 2 winning schools for the animation days; 1 game sent by Canada Post to an address of an educational institution. 

A game about careers in the food industry
High school classroom entertainment
Enfants qui s'amusent
Jeu Agri-Mission
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