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For preschool and elementary classes!

École-O-Champ offers activities adapted to the age of groups, integrating the progression of learning and aiming for a comprehensive understanding of the food system.

With our activities, your students will be able to manipulate, experiment, and discover the wonders of the living world while reinforcing their knowledge in science and technology. Our playful and original activities will allow your students to have an immersive and enriching experience while acquiring important skills for their future.

By exploring agro-environmental sciences, École-O-Champ provides a unique and educational experience for students in Quebec elementary schools. Our activities in horticulture, dairy production, egg production, soil science, and beekeeping encourage experiential learning and discovery in an interactive environment. By choosing École-O-Champ, you will add a concrete and playful dimension to your educational program while contributing to the education of your students on environmental and food issues.

Don't wait any longer to add an agricultural touch to your educational program with École-O-Champ! Contact us now to learn more about our activities and plan your next farm field trip or classroom visit.

En classe

Classroom animations

(every cycles) 

Visite à la ferme

Farm visits 

(every cycles) 

Petites Germina-pousses

Classroom garden

(Preschool and cycle 1) 

Ressource Éducatives

Free educational resources

(every cycles) 

Choux de Bruxelles

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culture à l'école

Visit from a specialized animator to your classroom

Are you looking for an exciting way to spark your students' curiosity about the origin of food? Explore our curriculum of school agricultural animations, designed to provide engaging learning experiences for elementary students in various regions of Quebec.

Our animator travel directly to your classrooms, schoolyards, and daycare services for captivating sessions.

All our animations are perfectly adapted to the school context and to science and technology learning. Moreover, they can be customized to meet your specific needs and group size. Whether you want to organize an educational day on the theme of agriculture or cover a specific module in science, our animations immerse you in the fascinating world of living organisms, soils, and the environment.

Discover an immersive experience where your students can participate in seed production, make butter with our whimsical Madame Cow-Chicken, and much more. Explore our 2023-2024 learning curriculum to discover all the fun and dynamic activities available to your class, along with the skills targeted during our visit.

Make agricultural learning an unforgettable experience for your students with our school animations! Contact us today to book your session and provide your students with an enriching exploration of agriculture and the environment.

Only available in French at the moment.

Choux de Bruxelles
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Visit a farm!

Offer an immersive agricultural experience to your primary class: Meet a local farmer!

Agriculture, more than just a profession, is an exciting way of life! By sharing this passion with young minds, they develop curiosity about the food system, agricultural, and forestry professions.

Your class will be welcomed by a host farmer, trained by École-O-Champ and designated as an agri-ambassador. During a morning at the farm, students will have the opportunity to discover the work of the agri-ambassador and engage in agricultural activities with an École-O-Champ facilitator. This provides an ideal setting to build connections between youth and farmers in their region.

Not sure who the agri-ambassadors are in your area? No worries! École-O-Champ takes care of the organization, logistics, and training of farmers. The team also ensures finding a farm close to the school to reduce transportation time and costs, which are covered by participating schools. To discover the agri-ambassadors in your region, follow this link: Find your agri-ambassador.

Only available in French at the moment.

Productrice de volaille

Sow curiosity in your classroom by exploring topics such as seeds, nutrition, soil, plant needs, how food grows, and much more!

For preschool and the first cycle!

Available in French and English.

Des enfants aux pouces verts!
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